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Youth For Balance

Video: DVD, 22 Minuten, 2005
Addressees: pupils from 10 years of age at elementary, secondary and grammar schools
Language: english
Assistance: Jana Bryjová, Katarína Frečková, Františka Horváthová, Rastislav Pjontek, Miroslava Suchánová
A Film by Rainer Hahn.

Keywords: environment, sustainable development, future, change, solution, tolerance, religion, coexistence, education, poverty, alcoholism, starvation, competition, xenophobia, globalization, students organizations

Content: As Noah once built his arc, students of the Academy of Design in Coburg together with former drug addicts from the socio-therapeutical institute Laufer Mühle of the German Order and mentally handicapped people from the care institute of the Merciful Brothers Order built their own arc with the instruction of Helga and Hans Jürgen Müller of the Ethics and Future Workshop MARIPOSA, and will send it off from Höchstadt, Germany to the United Nations in New York. First it travels across Germany before it will be set off to selected embassies all across the world. The film presents the beginnings of the project in Germany and follows the arc to one of annual sessions of World Youth Forum. Young people from all over the world meet and discuss issues troubling their countries and try to find solutions for the future. The film is suitable for Civics classes or as a listening and speaking practice of English, where pupils discuss topics adduced by the film.

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